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Boys on their Bikes

Why Take a Chance?

Q; When you get into a car, what do you put on?

A: A seatbelt

Q: When you or your child rides a bicycle, what do you wear?

A: A helmet

Q: When you get into a boat, what do you wear?

A: A life vest

Q: When a first responder arrives at the scene of an accident, what is their first responsibility?

A: Make sure the area is safe


When encountering a situation or intervention, the responsible person will take the necessary precautions,  being wise about what you do and where you go.  Coaches, sergeants, parents, teachers and everybody else responsible for the wellbeing of others, are all concerned with “safety first”.   


Vaccines are no different from any other medication, they all have benefits and they all have risks.  With vaccines there are benefits, such as decreased disease and disability, increased productivity, and decreased death. They are like any medication, they have benefits and they have risks.   


So why take a chance? Click your seatbelt, buckle your helmet, zip up your lifejacket and take your VaxxGuard. 



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