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Is there a link between Vitamin D and your mood?

Sunshine and a link between Vitamin D and Your Mood.
Sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D. Is there a link between Vitamin D and your mood?

Patients often wonder about the link between Vitamin D and your mood. Studies over the years have produced consistent results, low levels of Vitamin D in the blood are associated with depressed mood, developing Alzheimer’s Dementia, behavior problems in children and poor performance in school as the children get older.

Supplementing with just Vitamin D doesn’t seem to confer any real benefit. It seems that to really improve, it has to be with a proper diet. Junk food seems to really interfere with health in all areas, although taking your vitamins will help, junk foods make it harder for them to work.

For optimal absorption and effectiveness of Vitamin D, magnesium has to be taken at least some time during the day. In addition, vitamin K, usually produced by the bacteria in the gut, is essential to Vitamin D absorption and function.

Taking large doses of Vitamin D all at once does seem to help, but it is better to take it regularly. It could even mean once or twice a week, just do it regularly. The total weekly dose for an adult is about 20,000 units. Ideally, 4000 units 5 days a week. For more guidance on taking Vitamin D, click here.

Be careful when you take Vitamin D. It should be taken in the morning as taking it in the evening can interfere with sleep and cause insomnia. Be careful to take it before 1:00 pm (1300 hours) and it is best taken with food.

Vitamin D is very unique, too little and you can feel groggy, too much (esp in the evening) and you can’t sleep and will feel groggy.

Even though Vitamin D is so powerful, (it affects so much of everything about us: mood, strength, sleep, immune system functioning, bone density, bowel function), don’t make the mistake of thinking that just by taking Vitamin D alone you are going to feel better magically. People low in Vitamin D tend to have generally poorer health habits than those with higher levels of Vitamin D.

Health is a way of being, we have to act, think, eat and speak healthy in order to become healthy.

Read our blog on dosage here.

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