Doctors urge CDC to warn public that the COVID

vaccine side effects will be severe

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Natural Ingredients Protect Vital Organs

VaxxGuard is designed to limit the direct irritation to the nervous and immune systems without decreasing the effectiveness of the vaccines. It is also designed to protect the brain and liver from the adjuvants and to help the body’s own detoxification system be more efficient in ridding the body of the unwanted elements.



(Amino Acid Cysteine)

An amino acid that possesses the ability to detoxify the brain by stabilizing and crossing the blood brain barrier.

Quercetin & Vitamin C

A cell stabalizer that limits allergic type responses and minimize reactions to vaccines.

Methyl b12 + methyl folate

These play an integral role in DNA synthesis and cell division, ensuring the body is able to process an expel vaccine additives. 

Citric Acid

Enables the body to better cope with the increased burden of aluminum from vaccines.

Tablets coming soon!
Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, MD

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"I was the only one who didn’t have significant adverse side effects."

As a physician I am extremely aware of the serious nature and consequences of getting COVID-19. I was very anxious until I found out that I could get a preventative vaccine. I was very excited about the vaccine but also understood its experimental nature. I understood that the vaccine would require two injections. I also understood that the side effects of the second injection would be much greater. I reached out to Dr. Rothstein before my second injection. He sent me VaxxGuard. I took the VaxxGuard before and after my second vaccination. I was amazed to find out that of all of my colleagues I was the only one who didn’t have significant adverse side effects the next few days. I believe that this was due to taking VaxxGuard and I do not believe that it inhibited any way the activity of the vaccine. I would encourage anybody who is scared to take the COVID-19 vaccine because the risk of side effects to consider taking VaxxGuard before and after the ‏‏ COVID-19 vaccination.

-Dr. Howard Saul

Gynecologic Oncologic Surgeon & Amateur Magician

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"Our family now has peace of mind."

-Jenny, Marshfield, VT

Our customers are the biggest indicators for how our product is improving lives. Families taking VAXXGUARD™ report a sense of calm and relief, a contrast to the fears many have over the potential harm vaccines can have.

We developed VAXXGUARD because  we felt that vaccinating our own children was a roll of the dice. The fear of not knowing if your child will be one to react negatively or have lifelong complications is not an easy feeling for parents to harbor.