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#1 product to help prevent vaccine side effects in children

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VaxxGuard helps keep children safe

Our custom formulation is designed to limit the direct irritation to the nervous and immune systems without decreasing the effectiveness of the vaccines. It is also designed to protect the brain and liver from the adjuvants and to help the body’s own detoxification system be more efficient in ridding the body of the unwanted elements.

Nature's Essential Ingredients

Mother Nature  provides us with miraculous tools to heal. We chose 7 of her most powerful ingredients that tell the immune system how to process and then dispel vaccines from the body.


(Amino Acid Cysteine)

An amino acid that possesses the ability to detoxify the brain by stabilizing and crossing the blood brain barrier.

Quercetin & Vitamin C

A cell stabalizer that limits allergic type responses and minimize reactions to vaccines.

Methyl b12 + methyl folate

These play an integral role in DNA synthesis and cell division, ensuring the body is able to process an expel vaccine additives. 

Citric Acid

Enables the body to better cope with the increased burden of aluminum from vaccines.