VaxxGuard Powder
  • VaxxGuard Powder

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    VaxxGuard is designed to limit the direct irritation to the nervous and immune systems without decreasing the effectiveness of the vaccines.  It is also designed to protect the brain and liver from the adjuvants and to help the body’s own detoxification system be more efficient in ridding the body of the unwanted elements.  In addition, VaxxGuard quells the inflammatory reactions that are so caustic to the body. 

    • VaxxGuard Powder

      Newborns - 3 months = 1/4 scoop
      3 months - 6 months = 1/2 scoop
      6 months - 9 months = 3/4 scoop
      9 months - 1 year = 1 scoop
      1-2 years = 1 scoop
      2-3 years = 2 scoops
      3-4 years = 3 scoops
      4-5 years = 4 scoops
      5-7 years = 5 scoops
      7-9 years = 6 scoops

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    • How to take VaxxGuard

      It dissolves easily in water.  It is flavored so it is best not to mix it in juice, just in plain water.  Dilute it to suit your child's taste.  It is best taken in the morning and it can be with or without food. 

    VaxxGuard is safe enough for kids, strong enough for adults.
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